Results from Gruvön

The first results from installing HISS soot blowing technology at BillerudKorsnäs in Gruvön, Sweden in April 2016 has arrived. Steam consumption for soot blowing has been reduced by 30 % and the number of soot blower starts has been increased […] Read more »

Operation study performed at Gävle Energi

An operation study has during the spring 2016 been performed for investigating the saving related to installing HISS soot blowing. The results show great potential in reduced steam consumption for the soot blowers, increased electric efficiency and prduction from optimizing […] Read more »

Soot blowing makes demolition wood profitable in heat and power production

SootTech delivers solution for reduced fuel costs. The soot blowing solution makes demolition Wood a more attractive fuel. The solution comes from the Swedish cleantech company SootTech that has developed a method that makes soot blowing more efficient and allowing for the use of […] Read more »

Environment-friendly Swedish sootblowing method produces major energy benefits

If this new sootblowing technology were installed in all coal-fired CHP plants in Europe, output would increase by 8,300 gigawatt hours. Converted into carbon dioxide emissions, that’s equivalent to 7.5 million tonnes. The technology is also easy to install in […] Read more »

SootTech installed in two new power plants

The success continues for Gothenburg-based SootTech. Their energy saving soot-blowing technology has recently been introduced in the power industry and installed in the Swedish towns Mölndal and Strängnäs. The CHP-plants in these towns are almost new, but the owners still […] Read more »