SootTech installed in two new power plants

The success continues for Gothenburg-based SootTech. Their energy saving soot-blowing technology has recently been introduced in the power industry and installed in the Swedish towns Mölndal and Strängnäs. The CHP-plants in these towns are almost new, but the owners still expect the SootTech technology to improve the soot-blowing of their boilers.

The technology – HISS (High Impact Soot System) – that SootTech has developed was originally designed for the recovery boilers of the pulp and paper industry, but during the last year the technology has also been introduced in the Swedish power industry, for use in power and CHP plants.

Boilers of the size used in the power industry are cleaned from soot through soot blowing using high pressure superheated steam. The soot blowing steam is part of the steam the boiler produces, which is normally used for power generation. Traditional soot blowing – which often takes place several times every day – consumes so much steam that the power generation has to be reduced.

SootTech’s technology significantly reduces the consumption of soot steam. In addition, the soot blowing is controlled in a way that reduces the impact on the operation of the boiler and the power plant. In a CHP-plant this means increased power production, a higher degree of efficiency, and less wear on the boiler.

These advantages, and others, have resulted in the HISS-technology having been installed in both the Riskulla plant in Mölndal, near Gothenburg, and the CHP-plant in Strängnäs, approximately 80 kilometers west of Stockholm.

”This is a relatively simple technology that will bring quick results,” says Erik Dahlén, CEO of SootTech. “HISS can also effectively be used in new plants. The CHP-plants in Strängnäs and Mölndal were taken into service in 2008 and 2009, respectively, and are equipped with very modern technology. In spite of this, our technology makes a significant difference.”

At the CHP-plant in Strängnäs, the HISS-technology is also expected to reduce problems with wear in the boiler, which earlier have forced the plant to shut down in the middle of winter.

“Our old soot-blowing system caused damage to one of the overheaters as the soot steam blew on a particular area of the tubes for a longer period during each soot-blowing. The HISS-technology will solve this problem as the steam blows for a shorter period of time and the soot-blowers never stops in one position during the soot-blowing,” says Ulf Wahnström, head of energy production at Strängnäs Energi SEVAB.

”The Swedish power industry is showing great interest in our technology,” comments Erik Dahlén, “and we have analyzed the operations in a number of other power stations where the HISS-system eventually may be installed. We’re of course extra pleased to have our technology installed in the Riskulla plant  in Mölndal, as this gives us a good reference plant close by, where we can show potential customers how modern boiler optimization is done.”


SootTech AB

SootTech develops and markets equipment for reconstruction and improvement of sootblowing systems used in the pulp and power industries. It’s an innovation-based company, with a patented technology, High Impact Soot System, HISS, which improves the efficiency of the sootblowing systems in recovery boilers of pulp mills and in CHP-boilers.

The HISS-technology has a broad field of application and is used to improve the efficiency of the plant, to reduce fuel consumption, and to facilitate an efficient combustion of difficult fuels, such as bio and waste fuels

As the technology can be applied in existing power plants, it provides a simple way to achieve a more efficient power plant and a quicker transfer to alternative fuels, without any need for investments in new power plants and energy systems.

SootTech was founded in 2007 by Erik Dahlén and Chalmers Innovation. The company is today considered a leading company in the fields of industrial clean-tech and technology for more efficient power generation