SootTech’s energy technology goes international

SootTech’s technology for cleaning power plant boilers has made an impact on the Swedish Power industry. The Swedish Energy Agency now has granted the company a soft loan of SEK 2.5 million approximately € 280,000) to take the technology to the international market.

“The introduction of our technology has been more rapid and more successful than we anticipated. We are already getting requests from international power companies. The loan from the Swedish Energy Agency will make it possible for us to respond more quickly to these requests,” says Erik Dahlén, CEO of SootTech.

SootTech is a clean-tech company which, since its start in 2007, has become a leading supplier of technology for the optimization of boilers in the paper and pulp industry as well as the power industry. The company has developed a new, innovative sootblowing technology, HISS, which not only improves the sootblowing but also reduces fuel consumption. This results in significant energy and environmental advantages.

One of the strengths of SootTech’s product is that it can easily be applied to existing power plants. This immediately effects the cost of energy production by reducing fuel consumption.

“A cleaner boiler will give a higher energy yield. The technology also allows the use of cheaper fuel,” comments Erik Dahlén.

”This technology can be applied globally and we estimate it to be especially interesting in growth regions where the incentives are great to maximize power efficiency as well as the use of alternative fuels, such as bio fuels, bio waste, and waste,” says Mikael Fjällström, in charge of Business Development at the Swedish Energy Agency.

”Having met with such a positive interest in Sweden, it seems like a natural step to bring this technology to the international market. There is a huge potential for improved combustion in the big coal fired power plants in Europe. If you look at Germany, the decision to phase out nuclear Power combined with demands on reduced emissions of carbon dioxide and increased use of biofuels makes this the right time to introduce SootTech in that country,” says Andrzej Brud, CEO of Chalmers Innovation.


Chalmers Innovation

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